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An all round Tourist delight.

Front view of the Lixborr Hotels and Suites @ No. 4 Sakponba Road, near Ring Road, Benin City. The building also houses the Idubor Arts Gallery and Mellyvone SuperMarket.

Our History & Services

Lixborr Hotels and Suites was established in the year 1995 .
It is made up of fifty - two rooms ( Singles, Doubles and Suites), a Lounge and bar, Dinning Hall, Seminar Hall, Art Gallery and Super Market.
It is situated at the heart of Benin City near the Ring Road and opposite the popular Igun Road where the traditional Benin Bronze artificats are made and because of it's central location and easy access to various parts of Benin City, we have visitors from all over the world. We offer our guests Car Hire Service, Laundry and Dry cleaning Services.
Rooms We have different category of rooms which include:  Single Rooms, Executive Singles, Double, Executive Doubles, Suites and Executive and Presidential Suites. The rooms have keyless entry and CCTV cameras at the corridors for security.Beautiful Environment Lixborr Hotels is a beautiful and scenic environment dotted with Artifacts from the Giant sized Mother and Child Terracotta image, to Stone waterfalls, Bronze, Painting, Wood works which can all be seen when you visit the Idubor Arts Gallery. (please click on art gallery at the top) MellyVonne SuperMarket We have a well stocked supermarket with different items which include: household items, clothes, shoes, toys, provisions, perfumes, etc. Other Services We offer car hire services, laundry, bar and lounge, seminar hall.


Different Categories of Rooms, Safe and Secure With CCTV in Corridors (Click here for rate)

Beautiful Environment and Spacious Car Park

Cab Hire Services, Seminar Halls, Lounge, Etc














Well Stocked Super Market (The MellyVonne Supermarket)



Idubor Arts Gallery